Medallion Hunt Clue #7: The Rolling Stones = Dead Flowers

1st Clue Medallion Hunt Clue: If the sky falls HOLD UP your hands.

2nd Medallion Hunt Clue: A ROLLING STONE stone gathers no moss.

3rd Medallion Hunt Clue: Not my circus, not my MONKEES.

4th Medallion Hunt Clue: KINK in the road.

5th Medallion Hunt Clue: I still love RED VELVET cake.

6th Medallion Hunt Clue: Name that tune. (Meaning the capital letters in the previous clues.)

If you find the Medallion – contact Sally/Chamber at 320-864-3650. If I don’t answer then leave a voicemail with the location and I will get back to you shortly. ONCE I HEAR IT HAS BEEN FOUND I WILL POST IT ON FACEBOOK AND OUR WEBSITE.