The Glencoe Co-op Association is located at 330 10th St. E. in Glencoe.


Glencoe Co-op Association

The Glencoe Co-op Association is well-known for its gas, diesel and propane farm delivery, but the Co-op has also branched out into several other avenues.

According to manager Dale Hegland, the Co-op’s Tire Shop, located on County Road 2 and 13th Street, may be one of Glencoe’s best kept secrets.

“We can get anything you want at the Tire Shop,” said Hegland. “We also do light service work, such as oil changes or exhaust work.”

The Glencoe Co-op also partially owns Munson Lakes Nutrition in Howard Lake, which provides the Co-op with bulk feed for a wide variety of animals.

“We are the self-appointed pet food capital of Glencoe,” Hegland said with a laugh. “We have feed for all animals.”

The Co-op has another division, Mueller Sales & Service, which sells bulk milk tanks, along with providing service work and cleaning.

“Mueller’s also offers plumbing, air conditioning and heating services – we sell American Standard. We’re really branching out and diversifying from dairy,” Hegland said. “We can get whatever anyone needs, at whatever their price point is.”

Community Built

Ask Hegland what his favorite part about the Glencoe Co-op Association is, and he’ll answer without skipping a beat.

“The people – we just have incredibly good people,” Hegland said. “Our employees are wonderful and our customers are family.”

The Glencoe Co-op is member-owned, and as Hegland says, “the customer is the company.”

“I’m proud of the services we provide, but also the relationships we’ve built,” said Hegland. “We really get to know our customers at the Co-op, and Glencoe is just filled with great people.”

From left to right, Glencoe Co-op Association staff pictured are: Ron Strobel, Dale Hegland and Paul Edwards.